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From young, Katherine loves dance and music a lot. She taught herself Chinese and Ethnic style dancing when she was just a small child. From 2003, she learnt formal Chinese dance styles from a dance teacher in Singapore for 3 years. In 2011, Katherine came into contact with bellydancing by chance and she was crazily attracted to it. A year later, she attended a special bellydance instructor's course and was officially awarded a license to teach it.


Katherine met her important mentor and friend, Jamila, in Singapore. She was amazed by her dance techniques and wanted to learn more. Besides Jamila, Katherine also attended a lot of world bellydance master workshops, such as Anastasia Chernovskaya, Shahdana, Serkan Tutar, Pablo Acosta, Adriana Lira, Kadia, the Nile group and many others.


Katherine is a resident dancer in Nabins, a famous Arabian-style restaurant in Singapore. She was invited to dance for company parties, stage performance and charities. In 2014, she had the honour of being invited to perform for the President in the Presidential Charity Show. She was also the 1st Runner-up in the Group Competition of the World Bellydance Festival 2014. In 2012, she participated in Hong Kong's Bauhinia Flower Bellydance Contest and won the Solo Competition's Gold Medal.


In her heart, she believed that dance is a pure life, it is full of mysterious and magic, it will let you become prettier, more confident, make you happier and healthier.


Katherine's parting thoughts:

“No dance was unable to learn, only had lazy body and drifting soul. As long as you are not afraid of hardship and tired, gave yourself brave efforts to keep learning. I am not afraid of waste my time to teach you, until you can do it correctly.”


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