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Kids performing class (Age 5 to 12)


Young children attune themselves easily to music and dance. Our performing class gives children ample opportunities to learn and perform on stage.
It helps build their character and self-confidence! Children benefit tremendously from the physical training and hand-eye coordination involved in dancing.
Does your child show a love for
music and dance?
Groom your children's potential early
and let them explore
the beautiful world of dance!


Every Sunday, 4pm - 5pm
For details contact,
E: info@bellydanceextraordinaire.com
WeChat: jamilabellydance

Bellydance Extraordinaire

390 Victoria Street, 03-35/36 Golden Landmark
Singapore, 188061
+65 9126 3420 (Eng) / +65 8333 1583 (中文)
+65 6533 1392

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